Crack dog

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Short film featuring actors Daniel O’Shea ( and Vic Noto ( about an art student whose pooch gets a taste for the crack.Viewer discretion advised,contain scenes of violence and drug use…No animals were high during the making of this film! .Dir:Casey Kehoe NOTE:A reel featuring Daniel O’shea’s various film roles can be found here, Vic […]

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Dark Voices

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A really scary independent movie based on a Japanese story made before “The Ring” directed by Chosei Funahara.

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We Live In Public – Official Trailer

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On the 40th anniversary of the Internet, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC tells the story of the effect it is having on our society as seen through the eyes of the greatest Internet pioneer youve never heard of, visionary Josh Harris. Award-winning director, Ondi Timoner (DIG!), documented his tumultuous life

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88HIPHOP LIVE from LA on 8/8 at 8pm (PDT)

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88HIPHOP LIVE from LA on 8/8 at 8pm (PDT)

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The Manhattan Monologue Slam LIVE 7.21.14

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Are you the best actor or actress in New York City? Prove it! The Manhattan Monologue Slam. Where the audience votes for the best performer online using their smart phone. the “Best Actor Showcase Event” voted by Backstage readers choice awards. The show focuses on a totally live interactive event where actors showcase their skills […]

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9/11 Conspiracy “Inside Job” Playlist

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The most complete playlist of 911 truth videos. NEVER FORGET

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FreQ Party!

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This was just after 911 at 600 Broadway!

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“American Lockdown” official trailer!!! A teacher’s story of survival.

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“American Lockdown” official trailer!!! A teacher’s story of survival. A film by Julissa Scopino

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José Parlá summer 1999 “Pseudo” mural

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Here is a birds eye view of the mural that’s 23 feet long painted by famous painter José Parlá. He painted this piece at Pseudo 600 Broadway NYC in the summer of 1999 he hung out a lot at Pseudo was the hip place for artists. We are working a mini documentary of the origin […]

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Mustang Rehab -Ep5 Crank it UP!

10 months ago5892 0

Starting the 5.0 for the first time. “Back in Black”

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=JUDGECAL’S= High Weirdness – Episode 22 – End of the World

10 months ago7891 0

End of the World May 5th, 2000 is the end of the world according to some. We started out the show discussing End of the World conspiracies predicted to occur on 5.5.00 and quickly turned to the “Snak-Girl” show. See bikini clad Snak-Girl covered in peanut butter! The Distraction video was the ever popular: Train […]

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1973 Mustang Boss 351

10 months ago7551 0

Absolutely flawless Boss 351

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Nelly and the Pussy Cat

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Nelly’s most excellent Booty Dance

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Bloo – Under a a bad sign

10 months ago6732 0

Rooftop party at Pseudo back on August 22, 2001 jut a couple of weeks before the 911. This party was so much fun and I was so in love with nyc!

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TI interview

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TI interview

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Ludacris Interview Part 1

10 months ago6671 0

Nicole talks with Luda back in the day

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Bye Bye CBGB’s

10 months ago6951 0

Hilly talks about his legendary punk rock club and its future.

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Chocolate Genius

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Hiving Tripod

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Da Band at Pseudo

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Ice T’s Body Count

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Lil Wayne Interview

10 months ago9771 0

Nicole interviews Lil Wayne

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Nicole interviews Lumidee

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No Police State

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Wayne Wonder

10 months ago6321 0

Interview with Wayne Wonder

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Pseudo Classic Star Freaky Dog Star

10 months ago6071 0

Jess goes after Keanu Reeves and his band

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Pseudo Classic Star Freaky Lenny Kravitz

10 months ago6361 0

Jess Zaino talks with Lenny Kravitz, Gina Gershon

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Mistress Paulina’s Misfit Fashion Show

10 months ago6311 0

A Midnight Fashion Show at Discoteque featuring the fashions of Misfit.

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Interview with Collective Soul

10 months ago5501 0

Steve chats with the boys

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How about a Spankin

10 months ago8061 0

Christina convinces a young las to show her booty for a good spankin with a riding crop.

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An intimate conversation about SEX

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Glitter Girls

10 months ago5921 0

Beautiful body painted Glitter Girls celebrate Club Via’s one year anniversary in style.

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The Devil @ ARENA NYC

10 months ago6311 0

The Devil brings you sex drugs and house at ARENA NYC

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A.J. Khan’s Kandy Vixens “A Midnight Fashion Show” featuring Kristy Morgan

10 months ago7841 0

At Club Runway in New York City A.J. Khan held her launch party for her new lingerie brand “Kandy Vixens” featuring Kristy Morgan fresh from Oct. Playboy pictirial after winning the Tila Tequila Show (and turned it down). A.J. Khan also has a new HBO adult series shes featured in “Zanes Sex Chronicles” coming out […]

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John Legend Interview

10 months ago6741 0

John Legend plays a crazy set at Pseudo and then is interviewed. Thanks John that was a great time.

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The Big Slice

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Oil Underneath

10 months ago6651 0

A political cartoon about George W and his love of the environment.

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Dennis Rodman’s book signing

10 months ago7501 0

Dennis is back and still alive even though he thinks he should be dead. Dressed as Beatle Juice and surrounded by beautiful girls as usually Dennis puts on a media frenzied show.

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Cherrybomb An Interview with Candida Royalle

10 months ago5652 0

Christina Head talks with Candida about her new line of sex toys.

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like whoa

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Skaters of NYC at their best. Jumping and grinding everything possible. Many days of hard work and dedication for the love of the sport. Special thanks goes out to ABC skate shop, Balance skate shop, 55 DSL,, and all that love the sport.

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New Years Eve 2002 at Pseudo

10 months ago6181 0

Crazy NYE party at Pseudo! 3 months after the WTC attacks but we still partied our faces off. Featuring REAL LIVE band.

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New Years 2008 in Times Square

10 months ago6071 0

On the roof of Legends recording studio in Times Square with beautiful Catherine Frances Scott to bring in the New Year. Those were the days! We made friends with the snipers on the roof and they let us stay.

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DieHard Derek Gordon “…And Justice For Brawl”

10 months ago7221 0

DieHard Derek Gordon Wrestling Promo (1999) –

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French Tuesdays (Harlem) Shake

10 months ago5671 0

Just some fun from your friends at French Tuesdays NYC

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In the Life with Steve Stanulis featuring Jason Mewes

10 months ago5851 0

Steve interviews the outrageous Jason Mewes about his new project and his hairy balls!

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Getting a tattoo at pseudo 2003

10 months ago5741 0

In my office at the back of pseudo getting a tattoo on my foot which hurt a lot! LOL! Always a lot of girls in my office!!! 2003

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Cassie at Pseudo 2003

10 months ago6021 0

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Baby Phat Fashion Show NYC

10 months ago6791 0

Kimora Lee Simmons puts the bling on at Radio City Music Hall

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Idle Worship Trailer

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Bomb Scare 2

10 months ago5601 0

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Ed Hardy Swimwear Fashion Show

10 months ago6941 0

Ed Hardy Swimsuit Fashion Show at Harrah’s Atlantic City. Shot by Rob Klein

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HBO Pitch

10 months ago6051 0

The boys are planning the new season at HBO lets see what there up to…

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Jay Z and Solange Make Up

10 months ago7031 0

Total Parody on TMZ. Jay Z and Solange hold a News Conference with Host Rafael Sugardance. Cast- Rafel Sugardance- Capone Lee Jay Z -Idriss Alison-Konteh Solange- Holly Zuelle Body Guard- Solo Jones Directed and Written by Capone Lee and Solo Jones Editing/ Camera/Producing Eddie Ortiz Edward Salzano Special Thanks to Solo Jones for bringing everyone […]

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Street Sound freQ

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Fat Joe’s Grammy Party Interview

10 months ago6201 0

Back in the day with the Big Man Himself

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