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  • 71.4% are 16-34 years old
  • 69% college grads or attending college
  • 74% male
  • 90% say that streaming-video “enhances their understanding of a product”
  • 77% say that they “remember streaming-video content better than text or graphics”
  • 68% say that they “pay more attention to Pseudo’s content than content on other websites”
  • 74% say that they use the Pseudo Online Network to “find out what’s hot”

Advertising Opportunities:

Pseudo offers a number of ways for you to get your message and your products to your users. Banners are only the beginning. For companies ready for a relationship including co-branded promotions, Pseudo is ready to develop all of your customized needs.

Media Specifications:

Standard Image


  • 468×60, 234×60; Maximum file size is 15k
  • 120×90, 120×60, 88×31; Maximum file size is 8k
  • Must include click-through URL and all text


  • Tag accepted from 3rd party
  • Some sites do not accept 3rd party ad serving
  • Requires up to 2 business days to post

Rich Media

  • Maximum file size (all imate files and HTML file) is 15k
  • CGI Scripting must reside on the client’s server
  • Method must be GET not POST
  • Some sites do not accept HTML/DHTML/Javascript
  • Requires up to 3 business days to post


  • If the creative is hosted by Pseudo, the maximum file size (all image files and HTML file) is 15k
  • If the creative is hosted by a 3rd party, please provide the URL of where the actual advertisement is hosted.
  • Should the 3rd party be unable to provide Pseudo with a URL, the 3rd party needs to pop up the creative on their end
  • Specify window size
  • Specify pop-up/pop-under and features
  • Powerads can be served without having to click a banner
  • Requires 3 business days to post

Flash ads

  • The banner dimensions need to be specified
  • The Flash version needs to be specified
  • A default GIF needs to be provided
  • Requires 3 business days to post
  • Maximum file size for GIF file is 15k

Broadband Media

  • Real Audio/Video clips (hosted by Pseudo)
  • Webmercials
  • Audio Banners
  • Video Banner
  • Shockwave/Flash
  • All may be delivered on beta, video, or audio
  • May be delivered as raw AVI file or a standard video tape in any format

Streaming Video Commercials

  • Integration of existing video commercial
  • Full Editing 15/30 seconds in length
  • Digitization
  • Logo Integration

Customized Sponsorships:

Customize your sponsorship of specific pages, areas, and features. We’ll even work to create new, co-branded promotion pages

Affiliate Program:

Pseudo is making all of its video programming available to select affiliate sites. Join Pseudo’s affiliate program now and you’ll get access to a complete video solution for your site – the Pseudo video player and any video clip(s) of your choice at no charge.

Pseudo is seeking partners to create branded content pages within its network featuring Affiliate Programs and Products on the Pseudo Online Network.

Contact our sales department to become a part of our advertising or affiliate programs or call (917) 285-1297

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