Pseudo is an organization of young socially conscious video producers in NYC that create television about urban culture, fashion, music, and politics. We have been around since 1996 when founded by Josh Harris who also created Jupiter Communications. Pseudo started off as an internet radio station then added live streaming video and is the original live internet television broadcaster.

The prefix pseudo- (from Greek ψευδής “lying, false”) is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not.

Pseudo’s mailing address:
290 5th Ave, 5th Fl.
New York, New York 10001

To contact us via email:

Phone Number: 917-285-1297



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    Press Releases

    2012-09-01 : 88Hiphop and Pseudo webcast LIVE from LA
    2012-06-01 : Joey Reynolds and Pseudo
    2011-12-14 : Pseudo goes Youtube LIVE!!!
    2011-11-01 : Pseudo produces “Clark the Dog”
    2011-10-01 : Mobile webcasting LIVE on Pseudo
    2010-10-06 : Pseudo webcasts “We Live in Public” Q&A at the MOMA
    2010-01-01 : Pseudo produces “Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad”
    2009-06-06 : A&E’s Runaway Squad uses Pseudo for LIVE streaming
    2007-10-06 : Current TV and Pseudo
    2007-02-01 : Legends Studios to broadcast over the Pseudo Online Network
    2006-12-05 : Pseudo streams with Influxis
    2006-12-01 : NBC and Pseudo Team up to produce New TV Shows
    2006-09-06 : Youtube and Pseudo Partner
    2006-01-17 : French Tuesdays picks Pseudo
    2004-04-06 : Pseudo animates “Idol Worship”
    2003-11-17 : Pseudo Entertainment, Clubplanet and Track Entertainment join forces
    2003-09-15 : Wyclef gets aressted Pseudo exclusive
    2003-04-10 : Wyclef shoots
    2003-03-17 : I Want My Ice-TV
    2002-10-14 : Edward Salzano Named Chairman of the Broadband and Streaming New Media subcommittee
    2002-10-11 : Pseudo on the cover of Crains Business weekly
    2002-04-01 : Fox5 LIVE! Naughty By Nature and 3LW at Pseudo
    2002-03-04 : John Legend webcasts from Pseudo
    2002-02-08 : Pseudo Entertainment and Scratch Join To Launch DJ Symposium Series
    2001-10-11 : Pseudo in the New York Times after 9/11
    2001-05-01 : Pseudo creates first interactive LIVE TV studio
    2001-04-20 : Pseudo on CNN again
    2001-04-15 : Pseudo Entertainment buys Pseudo Programs
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